Benjamin Koppel / Cæcilie Norby – Anna’s Dollhouse – CD

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Udkommer d. 7. Juni – 2022

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Cæcilie Norby (DK) – vocal 

Benjamin Koppel (DK) – saxophone

Kenny Werner (US) – piano 

Johannes Weidenmüller (DE) – bass 

Peter Erskine (US) – drums

Jacob Andersen (DK) – percussion

“The story of Anna is a story of the last century. The life of a woman born as the youngest of five children to a jewish tailor and his young wife, who fled from the progromes in early 20th century Poland, aiming for New York but ending up in Copenhagen. Being the only girl in the family, she had to pass on the religious torch and was set to marry against her will. But before the marriage could take place the family once again had to flee, this time from the Nazis occupying Denmark. In the early days of October 1943 the family managed to escape to Sweden with nothing else than the clothes they wore and their hopes for a better life intact. 

When returning to Denmark after the war, Anna was bound to say yes to a jewish man in France, whom she did not know. And thus she married, and stayed in a loveless and suppressing marriage for 60 years. Until she finally took up music again at the age of 86 and decided to live each day as was it a full life. 

Anna’s Dollhouse is the story of a strong and rare woman, who never succumbed to the oppression which became a basic condition for her life throughout the century. 

This song cycle is composed by Benjamin Koppel. 

The lyrics are written by Cæcilie Norby, based on 

talks and interviews that Benjamin had with his old aunt Anna through a number of years in her house in a suburb to Paris, France.